Thigh Lift

Thigh Lift

Major weight loss as a result of bariatric surgery or diet and exercise though a formidable achievement comes with its own set of problems. Excess skin is a major concern for patients who have lost a massive amount of body weight, and sagging tyres of skin on the thighs can be a cause of severe distress and body selfconsciousness. Thigh sagging can also occur with the effects of ageing as well as heredity, apart from after major weight loss.


Thigh lift is a procedure which helps to remove excess skin and create a firmer and more toned appearance on the upper thigh so that they feel more relaxed in their new, healthier bodies.

Benefits of a Butt or Thigh Lift

Many weight loss patients hesitate to wear shorts, skirts, swim suits and other leg-revealing types of clothing because they are self-conscious about the appearance of their thighs. Thighplasty helps address these concerns and gives people the confidence to wear whatever they likeby removing inelastic skin and slimming the contour of the thighs for a firmer, more youthful look.

Your Thigh Lift Surgery

Patients considering a thigh lift procedure must be in good general healthin order togo ahead with the surgery. Smokers must stop smoking for a period of time before and after surgery to facilitate good healing. At the start of the first consultation you will be made to understand your procedure in detail, its pros and cons and a good understanding of what this technique can specifically accomplish for you. Detailed measurements and photographs will be taken before the procedure. You can voice and discuss your specific concerns during this time.

A thigh lift procedure is performed under general anesthesia in a major hospital. Liposuction is generally combined with excess skin excision to eliminate stubborn large areas of stubborn fat on the upper, lower, inner, and outer regions of the thighs.

Thigh lift incisions

The incisions can be placed in a few different positions, depending on your needs and goals. The length of the incisions will also vary per your individual characteristics and desired outcome. Thigh Lift surgery is performed in one of two ways. The first is a medial Thigh Lift and the second is a lateral Thigh Lift. Depending on your cosmetic aims, these two techniques can be combined.

Medial Thigh Lift: In this technique, an incision is made in the groin area, and the excess skin on the inner thigh area is lifted up through this opening and removed. The incision may be extended down the medial thigh for more comprehensive reduction of the excess skin.

Lateral Thigh Lift: More extensive than a medial thigh lift, the lateral thigh lift is designed to address the skin on the outside of the thighs. It utilizes an incision that begins near the groin, extends around the hip, sometimes continuing around and under the buttocks. The goal is to make these marks as inconspicuous as possible or discreetly hidden just below the bikini line to hide the visible surgical scar. In addition to removing excess saggythigh skin, at times liposuction can also be incorporated to address any residual area of fatty tissue that may remain.

Patients who have had massive weight loss greater than 50 kgs may require a “vertical” thigh lift. The incision for this runs down the center of the thigh like an arm lift incision to just above the knee. This will give maximal improvement to the shape of the thighs with extremely loose skin. In the follow up period advanced scar therapy is done which facilitates healthier scar formation and most of these scars then resolve over time

Recovery Period

After closure of the incision with absorbable sutures, and application of a sterile dressing a compression garment will be put on to aid the healing process and help enhance results.Following thigh lift surgery some minimal bruising and/or swelling is expected and any discomfort that occurs is managed with medication. Patients are advised to return for follow up on the 4th and 10th day for dressing change. Mild activities can be started after 1-2 weeks and return to moderate physical activities and heavy liftingis encouraged only after 4 weeks.Every patient heals at a unique rate, and your recovery experience will be unique to you. You can expect to take at least a week or two off from work and your regular routine. Dr. Birraj will provide you post-operative instructions to help guide you through the recovery period and make this time as pleasant as possible. You should be able to see smoother thighs immediately after the procedure, although swelling can from a 3 to 9 months to fully subside.

Thigh lift surgery can also be performed in conjunction with a variety of other body contouring